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Men want sexy, smooth skin but don’t want to deal with the pain associated with body hair removal. Nufree® 4 men only is a non-wax hair removal process that removes hair from almost any part of the body virtually pain-free! Nufree® 4 men only has been formulated with extra essential oils for a man’s body. Scientifically tested, Nufree® 4 men only is antibacterial and antimicrobial ensuring that it’s both safe and effective.

What makes Nufree® 4 men only Unique?

  • It is not a wax and never sticks to the skin so you won’t experience the pain and discomfort of wax based processes.
  • You won’t experience redness or swelling after treatment.
  • You can remove hair from the back, arms, chest, legs, nape of neck, face and unibrow.
  • It’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • finipil® can be applied afterwards to soothe, protect and cool the skin.

More reasons to try Nufree® 4 Men Only

  • It’s safe, fast, easy, and in the comfort of your own home!
  • It’s much more effective than waxes or other methods because it removes the hair shaft, bulb, and portion of the papilla.
  • That means you can go longer between hair removal treatments.
  • Nufree® 4 men only is formulated with extra essential oils for a man’s body.
  • You can immediately tan and swim once finipil® has been applied after your treatment.
  • You’ll leave feeling sexy, fresh and revitalized.
We’re excited that Nufree®, the most effective hair removal treatment in the world, is now formulated specifically for men. Made in the USA for over 35 years, Nufree® is a tried and proven formula and carried by thousands of salons and spa’s all over the world. Get rid of that unwanted hair today with Nufree® 4 men only.